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                 Faith Community.

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              Sundays @ 4pm

          Mulberry Lofts, Suite 113




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A Fully Inclusive Faith Community

Veritas is an ancient Latin term meaning "Truth". Veritas Church is a new church in Hagerstown, MD started on the belief that the church should be a place of love and acceptance.  We believe that Christianity is often both misunderstood and misrepresented.  A recent study of young people ages 16-29 showed that they believe Christians are hypocritical, judgmental, too political and homophobic.  Is this who Jesus called us to be? If this is what people think of us, then it is our job to change that view! God is a God of love and acceptance. Jesus included people everyone else wanted to shut out.  That is the message of the United Church of Christ and it is the reason Veritas exists. We are a Church committed to the Truth. What is this truth?  That NO one is outside of God's love. God made you. That God loves you exactly as you are and that there is room in God's heart for you. whether you're Gay or Straight, Black, White or Latino, married or single, pierced or inked, there is  a place in God's heart (and with us) for you!  Join us!

Veritas: Real Faith for Real People!